Modernize Your Check-in and Badging Experience  

Simplify your event check-in and badging procedures and improve attendee experience with our streamlined solutions.   

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Cadmium’s latest Check-in and Badging solution creates a smooth

and positive first impression for your event. 

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Our convenient badge preview gives attendees the ability to make updates before arriving to the event.


Using a Check-in QR code, attendees can independently scan their code, print their badge on-demand, and swiftly move onto the event.  


Scale the number of kiosks to accommodate any number of attendees and ensure a positive first impression.  

Benefits of On-Demand Check-in and Badging 

Our cutting-edge on-demand event check-in and badging functionalities enable attendees to swiftly breeze through on-site check-in using their smartphones. Moreover, this activity seamlessly synchronizes across all Cadmium products.

Eliminate Confusion 

Obtain Accurate Data

Cadmium offers simple pe-event badge design tools, self-install kiosk equipment setup process and thorough self-guided support documentation and training.

Improve Staff Utilization

Free up resources from tedious badging tasks for other time-sensitive event management tasks both prior to, and onsite at the event.

Pull the latest registration data from Cadmium’s products for ultimate accuracy for an event of any size.  

Get Full Support 

Cadmium offers organizers on-demand training that is available anytime, anywhere, ensuring your staff will be knowledgeable and ready to make the check-in process a resounding success.

Ensure the best check-in and badging experience for all your needs 


  Feature   Basic Badges   On-Demand Badges

  Registration Desk 

  Traditional staff required 

  Fewer staff required 

  Check-in Process 

  At registration desk 

  Self-service kiosk 

  Badge Production 

  Produced at registration desk 

  Printed on-demand at kiosk 

  Badge Stock 

  Large perforated sheet 

  Sized for individual badges 

  Hardware Required 

  Laser printer at registration desk 

  Tablet, Zebra printer, cord 

  Check-in Data 

  Manual entry required 

  Real time reporting via kiosk 




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Learn how Cadmium’s enhanced Check-in and Badging solution streamlines the attendee’s experience and helps you easily manage your events.  


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